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Long Distance Love
Sexy Gift Ideas

Sexy Gift Ideas

When the mood is right, delight your loved one with the fun and sexy gift ideas below.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Valentines Day, Christmas, or that "special night at home by the fireplace", these romantic gift ideas are sure add spice & sizzle to your special occasion!

Stephen Blake, author of Loving Your Long Distance Relationship

Flowers - Surprise your loved one and send a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers or roses to them at work or at home. Choose a greeting card that truly reflects your feelings and gift it along with the flowers.

Chocolates - Chocolates are the way to anyone's heart. Be sure to buy heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine's Day. You can also send a variety of fine chocolates and/or candies with a romantic note.

Teddy Bears - Cuddly teddy bears make great loving gifts. Long after that special day is gone, teddy bears still remind that special someone of your love for them.

Sexy Lingerie, Men's underwear, Nightwear etc. - Make sensual gifts any day of the year. A sultry, sexy set of lingerie is sure to be enjoyed by both of you ... on or off! The feeling of silk & lace on the skin melts any heart and starts the evening off right.

Bath, Massage, & Spa - Take a hot bath filled with scented salts and follow up with a massage or backrub using aromatic massage oils. Or, give your sweetheart a day at the spa or a massage or any other relaxing beauty treatment at the salon. Make sure to send your sweetheart a coupon for the Spa in an attractive envelope.

Romantic Getaways - Take a romantic vacation together. Go somewhere exciting for the weekend, on a cruise, or take a trip to a tropical resort.

Wine - If invited to a romantic dinner for two, your best host/hostess gift will be some fine champagne or other liquor of your choice. Take it with you along with long-stemmed roses and/or a card or a lovely evening dress/shirt which can be worn by your sweetheart that evening.

Love Poems - Give your lover a poetry book and read them romantic poem. For those more adventurous and talented, write your own love poem.

Jewelry - Fine jewelry always says "I Love You.". Favorite options include a pair of diamond earrings, birthstone ring, watch or gold necklace.

Candles & Dinner for Two - Take your sweetie out to your favorite restaurant or make a romantic gourmet dinner at home. Before dining, set the mood with candles and soft music ... you can even wear lingerie to dinner. Afterwards, snuggle up to your favorite romantic movie ... or turn off the movie and turn on the romance.

Romance Books and Novels - A classic romantic novel, a current romantic best-seller, a poetry book or any other couples book will ignite passion when read with your lover.

Silly Love Songs - Set the ambience with a romantic CD, buy tickets to your loved one's favorite performer, or go to the theater or a Broadway show.

Perfume or Cologne - The right scent is a powerful aphrodisiac and will drive your lover wild. Get your lover a bottle of their favorite fragrance and watch the evening explode!

Love Notes & Quotes - Personalize "I Love You" using your own words. Pen a personal card or note and mail it or leave it somewhere it will be found during the day by your sweetie.

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