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Love Quizzes

Love Tests

The best love test on the net is Quizlets ...

What are Quizlets?

Quizlets are fast, fun and interactive offering unique perspectives on topics like relationships, pop culture, fitness, style and more

Quizlets can reveal insights about you or just let you kill some time for the heck of it. Best of all, you can share them with your friends. Simply select the Send to a Friend link when you complete each Quizlet

Below are other various Quizlets you can try for FREE ...

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Love Quiz Category #1 - All About You

  • What shade of lipstick are you?
  • Discover your inner goddess
  • Tic... tic... tic... Are you a hothead?
  • Is your honey high-maintenance?
  • Are you a Social Butterfly or a Withering Wallflower?
  • Are you a perfectionist or a lazy bum
  • Are you a hopeless romantic
  • Are you vain?
  • Are you a manly man?
  • Are you a snob?
  • Are you a drama queen?
  • Are you truly happy?
  • Are you leadership material?

Love Quiz Category #2 - Relationships

  • Are you a Mr. Right or an Average Joe?
  • Is she a golddigger?
  • Girly girl or a tomboy, which is the one for you?
  • Do you REALLY know your friends?
  • What type of women should you date?
  • Is your man a mama's boy?

  • Do your friends control your love-life?
  • Will he be a good dad?
  • Is your love straight up or on the rocks?
  • Are you ready to live together?
  • Will you find true love?
  • Is your boyfriend a bum?
  • How crazy is your crush?
  • What gift should you give your girl?
  • Are you ready to be a bride?
  • Can you tell if women want you?
  • Is your guy an man or a mooch?
  • Is your girlfriend cheating on you?
  • Who wears the pants in your twosome?

Love Quiz Category #3 - Pop Culture

  • What's your role in Hollywood?
  • Test your professional football knowledge
  • Like, totally the 80s!

Love Quiz Category #4 - Lifestyle

  • The dog test: What breed suits you best?
  • Is it makeover time for your man?
  • What's your most rewarding workout?
  • Are you the host with the most?
  • Are you risking an early death?
  • Are you addicted to instant messaging?

  • Are you destined to be a sports widow?
  • What's your driving demeanor?
  • Discover Your Man's Inner Animal
  • What kind of party animal are you?
  • Will your wallet survive your next shopping spree?

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