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Long Distance Relationship
Story of the Week

I met my current roommate and my best friend about 8 months ago. She moved here from Tucson Arizona about 2 years ago. She met my friend Andy a few weeks before she met me. Andy had a crush on me for awhile, and I on him, but neither of us ever confronted eachother about it.

When I met Angel,(my now best friend) she showed up at a party with Andy, I was caught a little off guard, I didn't know what was going on between them but from the looks of it they were together.

The next time I saw her we chatted a little and as it turned out we had a lot in common. The day after that Andy was flying out of town with a group of our friends and they ask me for a ride to the airport and they asked her to be the back up. We both ended up driving them to the airport and afterwards we went to the mall, then we talked the rest of the evenning. We became best friends, then roommates.

This last Febuary angel was having a friend of hers from Arizona fly down to visit. She mentioned that he was staying here for a few nights, just to get away from Arizona before the fire season started ( He's a wild land fire fighter) and he can't come down during the season.

I remember the first night Jacob and I met, there wasn't huge fireworks going off that he was the "one" but then again I wasn't looking for that sort of thing. We hung out everyday that he was here. I had a great time, we saw a movie, went on runs, went up to snoqualmie falls, I really had the best time. The last day he was here we exchanged phone numbers which was odd, because that meant I wasn't going to be seeing him for a long time.

While he was here I remember text messaging a friend and he made a comment that he didn't get why people did it, it took too long. When Angel and I dropped him off at the airport I walked him inside to tell him where to go and we gave eachother the most awkward hug, neither of us were too sure as to what was going on between us. Neither of us were expecting to have the feeling we had for eachother, but we did. I sent him a text when I got home from the airport, he sent me one when he got home, I was overly excited to recieve the text message. We started talking on the phone, we talked all the time. Angel thought I was crazy, actually all my friends and family that knew about Jacob thought I was insane. I fell in love.

I flew down there about a month ago, and I loved it. Jacob and I had the best time, better than I could've expected, it was amazing. Jacob was planning on moving here at the end of this fire season, he has been involved with the wild land team for 2 years now. When I went down there I fell in love with him and Tucson. Instead of him moving I am. My family is trying to be as supportive as they can be but this has a tough situation to deal with. I know it will be worth it.

Thank you for your books I read all of them, and I sent a copy of loving and still loving to Jacob. I can relate to so much, they helped me get through some tough times when Jacob was off on few fires. Thank you!!!

Risa, Washington

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