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Long Distance Relationship
Story of the Week

***For Adam, the love of my life...***

It was the summer after high school graduation. I was three weeks away from going to college in orlando, 4 hours away from my hometown in south Florida. I was sitting in a bookstore reading and just relaxing when I recieved the phone call that would change my life forever. My friend Cynthia was asking if I would drive to the beach to come hang out with her and her friend. Being the adventureous type, I carried a bathing suit in my car, just in case. When I got to the beach a short time later, I remembered that I had seen her friend before. He had come down with her once, and I remembered just how handsome he was. With a little coaxing from the two of them, I was in the water in no time at all. Adam was sweet, but sort of quiet. There was minimal conversation, as there usually is between two people that don't know each other very well.

When it was time to leave, Adam realized that his glasses which he was very reliant upon had fallen out of his pocket and gotten lost in the ocean. My friend Cynthia had to drive him back to his place and so I followed so that I could drive her home after. There was an akward good-bye between he and I, and my friend was making me hug him, for some odd reason. Cynthia and I were talking over sandwiches later when I mentioned that Adam seemed really cute and sweet. She stared at me and said, "That's exactly what he said about you." We arranged another meeting at the beach for a few days later. There was a tremendous amount of sea weed that day, and Adam thought it would be really funny to throw it at me and try to make it fall on top of my head like hair. Flirtation followed, and I remember he looked at me one moment, and the next moment we were making out and getting knocked over by waves as our embarassed friends ran away from us. I was so happy that someone I had an interest in, was also showing interest in me. We began to talk in the car on the way home.

"So where are you going to school?" Adam asked. "The University of Central Florida", I said confused at why he'd be asking me that. I thought that since he and Cynthia were friends, he'd gone to UCF too. "I"m going to be staying in Knights Krossing, do you know where that is?" I asked. "No, I live in Gainesville, I go to University of Florida." I felt my heart sink down into the floor. How could this be happening to me? We saw each other a few times before going off to school and kept in contact by phone and instant messenger. We both went back to south Florida for my birthday. He took me to a movie and we went to a resturant on the beach afterwards. "Can I ask you something?" he said. "Sure", I said, expecting him to break my heart into a thousand pieces in a few short seconds. "What are we? I mean, are we seeing each other? And if so, can we keep this going being two hours away from each other?" he said calmly.

"I don't want to give this up yet", I replied. "I know", he said "I think we could try it out." I resolved to visit him the next weekend. Some people would argue that two hours is not long distance. I however, argue that the drive is long and horrifically boring, and it's not like you can do it every other day. I decided to keep my visit a secret since no one really knew about Adam and I. I kept wishing the shcool week would go faster, it seemed like an eternity until Friday. When Friday came, I jumped in my car, blared my favorite music, and tried to remain calm on my first road trip alone. I was so relieved when I got to Adam's house. I just hugged him and we held each other for a long long time. We did normal stuff together, rented movies, cooked, hung out with people, but it was the best time I'd ever had with someone. At the end of that trip, we were both sure that we would make this work, no matter how hard we had to work at it. I visited a few more times, usually every other week.

We had great times together, going to state parks, movies, dinner, and just being together. About three months into our dating, I had a particularly hard time leaving. I can't explain it, I just did not want to go back home. I was driving home when I just kept memorizing all the signs I was passing on the highway. I didn't know why I was doing this, but it saved me alot of trouble in the end. It was raining pretty hard and an accident happened a little ways ahead of me. As everyone was rapidly slamming on thier brakes, I hit mine hard and hydroplaned into the car in front of me. I remember thinking "Oh God, am I going to die?" I hit hard, and flew back into my seat. When I opened my eyes I realized I hadn't died, and I got out of the car and when I saw the damage, I nearly fainted. Not because of what was done to my car, but because I realized that my parents were going to kill me for lying about where I had been.

I called Adam's house frantic, crying and screaming. His roommate could barely make out what I was trying to say. Adam got on the phone and said "Baby, what happened? Are you ok? Stay right there, I'm coming to get you." Adam didn't have a car, so he had to get his roommate to drive an hour in the rain and traffic jam to where I was. When I saw him, I felt instantly calmed and comforted. He came with only the clothes on his back, and waited with me in the rain for my friend to drive us the rest of the way back to Orlando. My parents were not thrilled to say the least. I was no longer allowed to go up to see Adam. This made things extremely difficult since Adam had no car. He began walking 4 blocks from school to the bus station and paying $40 to take the bus to Orlando every other weekend. I knew this had to be so hard for him. He kept insisting "I need to see you, this is something I have to do." We've now been dating for over a year, and we continue to see each other every other weekend.

Our relationship is truly something special. I have never met anyone who can make me feel so loved, make me laugh, make me happy the way that he does. Some of my favorite times are when just the two of us are sitting watching tv or talking and simply being with each other. I wish that I could go up and see him on the weekends he can't come see me. We're only growing closer and closer, and it's getting harder and harder to be away from each other.

But I know that this is the hardest thing we will probably ever have to face, and I'll be happy to deal with it as long as we're togehter. I know this is only a short time in comparison to the rest of our lives. But it is our caring for each other, our unconditional love that keeps us going, and I know we will always love each other.

Gina, Orlando, FL

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