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Long Distance Relationship
Story of the Week

It was the summer going into my sophomore year at Lincoln High and i couldn't wait to get on that plane headed for New York City! I haven't been back to New York since i was eight years old, i thought..i can't wait to go back to school shopping in the city!See all of the sties, times square..the Empire State Building..central park.. We landed at JFK airport on June 26th. I was so excited to see everyone i had missed for so long! The first couple weeks were fun, we spent most of our time at the beach and riding the train back and forth from the city to Freeport. On July 3rd my Aunt decided to take me and my brother to the Empire State Building, finally! What i wasn't expecting to be at the top when i got there was deffinately worth the 2 hour lines and irritated people pushing and shoving their way up the top..

I seperated from my relatives and started walking around the perimeter of the building, 86 stories high, while overlooking the oldest, most fascinating city i have ever seen. I suddenly realized i kept passing by the same handsome, young security guard..he was just doing his job but our eyes met if not only for a couple seconds and i smiled at him, politely. I continued to look out over the rail, imagining the distance from where i was to California..when suddenly a vioce asked me if he could take my picture.. I turned around and it was the security guard from before, standing with one of his co-workers.. his friend was the one asking for my picture, i said..but i'll have my picture with him.. I pulled out my disposable camera and he handed his freind his camera phone..after the picture taking was done we exchanged only a few words about where each other was from and that was about it; turns out he's from Russia!..It wasn't until after I climbed the elavator back down 86 stoires I realized I hadn't even asked his name..

Two months after i returned home i was at one of my girlfriend's homes and we were bored out of our minds! I remembered I had just developed the pictures i had taken in New York and an idea came into my head..lets cal the Empire State Building! What?? she said..ha ok..So I picked up the phone and we sat around and listened for the operator..411..what city?..New York..Listing?..Epire State moment.. my mind was running like crazy!What if he wasn't there anymore? What if he was? What do i say? "hello?"..hi, im looking for this guy my friend met over the summer..she needs to find him, its really important.. "ok, what's his name?" "i don't know actually..umm..i have a picture, i can describe him to you..i think he's russian".. "Do you have any idea how many Russians work on this building??" He hung up. After that I was a little worked up. I wanted to see how far i could go with this.. The second time i called I got someone much nicer, he sounded younger but much more willing to help.. "ya, i think i know the guy you are talking about..russian accent, ha..well give me your number and i'll have him give you a call.." "ok, thanks" i said, but i wasn't actually counting on the call.. three weeks later i completely forgot about my spontaneous phone calls to NY and had just came back into class after lunch when my cell phone started vibrating..(212-***-***) ok i thought..i had no idea what area code that was.. "hello?".. It was him.

We came to terms that we remembered our conversation that day and had both saved the pictures we had taken, even the one on his phone.Which he later sent to my e-mail. I also finally learned that his name is Dima.He's from Moscow, RU and had been living here for a little over 2 years now. What i thought would only be a quick "oh ya, i remember you..well have a nice life." turned out to be so much more than i expected.. We kinda grew on eachother in a way..constantly talking, learning every little detail about eachothers lives, just two strangers from completely diferent backgrounds but we were so interested..he had a very sexy accent not to mention but he was smart to and had an oppinion for anything and everything..we could stay on the phone talking non stop for three hours and there would be not a single moment of silence.. Months went by and we continued to share this special kind of "long distance relationship" only we weren't technically together.We called eachother our own and he sometimes called me "Kroshka Moya" which meant "My baby" in russian..He made me happy and i wanted nothing more than to see his face one more time.. My aunt from New York came down to visit in January and I begged her to come and visit the following summer and explained Dima and my situation. She agreed but my mom said i obviously needed to pay for my own plane ticket and all of that.. A couple weeks later I was employed at Wendy's making hamburgers and working the cash register..I told Dima I was going to be able to make it to New York that sumer and we were both very excited and really looking forward to seeing each other again, i mean who would have thought it would even get this far? He first told me that he loved me in February in russian.."ya tebja lyublyu"..and we continued to say it ever since then..and i know with all of my heart that i truly was infatuated with this boy.I loved him. I worked as much as I could and saved most of what i made until I could afford the $300 plane tickets from SMF to JFK, leaving June 16 to July 6th. We were on the phone now more than ever, between classes, after work walking to and from the store, he'd call me from time square and i'd call him from the country..It seemed to be almost too good to be true,in some ways, and it turned out that it was.. April came around and by that time Dima had some really unfortunate news, for both of us. His Dad had went on a trip back to Moscow and when he returned home to Brooklyn Dima would find out wether or not he would be staying here in the US or if his family was going to move back to Moscow..I had already purchased the Airline tickets so regardless of wether or not he was leaving, I was still bound for NY this summer.. April 18th, the most disappointing day i can remember, Dima called me right before my Chemistry class and told me the news.. "I'm so sorry babe, but my dad came back last night and the news are not so good.."

My heart sank lower than it ever had before and i was sulking all through the day..I was more than depressed, i was heartbroken.. He was scheduled to leave on May 23rd, less than a month before my plane would leave to go see him, and he wouldn't be there.. Before he left we sent each other gifts to remember each other by, not that we would ever forget..but he sent me this beautiful gold necklace with a diamond-like stone in the middle of it and said he had filled it with his heart and his love for me, which i had admired after reading this two page love letter he had sent along with brought tears to my eyes and i hardly ever go without the necklce. What i sent to him was not nearly as romantic but i did buy him a shirt from Abercrombie and fitch and sprayed it with my fvorite perfume(which he loved) and sent it off to Brooklyn, NY.

We talked up until the moment he had to give his phone up to his friend, who was going to continue with Dima's plan. It was the hardest goodbye ever but I wouldn't have traded those past eight months for anyhting else..We still kept in touch by e-mailing even though it was very hard at first because i knew over time the sound of his sweet voice was going to fade and i didn't want him to stop saying he cared.. I went to New York, spent an amazing summer there, ad visited the very spot on the 86th floor of that very tall building where we had first met. Dima wrote me every day when i was there by e-mail explaining how he wished he could have been there for me and that he still cared and that he would call me from Moscow when i returned back home to Cali..

Its been eight months since I went on that trip but it surely will be one I wil never forget because I went on it purely out of hope, love, and do you let something like that just get away? I don't know yet but I hope that wherever Dima is or whatever he diecides to do with his life that he is happy. But most of all, I hope he knows that if al else fails, he will always have his Cali Girl to call on..If we never meet again in some City wether it be Moscow, LA, or NY, know that i miss you and I will never forget you..

Mikhaela from California, USA

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