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Long Distance Relationship
Story of the Week

On New Years Eve, I met someone.. someone with a great smile.. someone with a great attitude.. someone with a great smile. My dad introduced me to this boy. I knew exactly who he is. Well, hes my kababata, but for me, hes a new person I just met. He glanced at me and right away, when I looked at him, I immediately got butterflies. When I got inside our house, I couldnt stop thinking of him. I immediately called up my best friend and told her about him. I usually dont believe in love at first sight but I never thought it would happen to me..I think..I didnt know him enough to love or even like him. But since the first time I looked at him, I knew the feeling that I felt was different.

I felt something for him that I never felt before for anyone else. When we finally talked face-to-face,he was sooo cute I swear!!! J ..(im very conscious coz that time was not my flattering moment! Argh! ) ..I couldnt think of anything to say to him. All I wanted was to stare at his face cause hes really cute! But I dont want him to think that I like him so I just started talking to him. I dont know if he noticed but I was all smiley J .. After the night Ive seen him, I prayed for God to keep us closer. Then two days after, he texted me!( Oh my God I was sooo happy! I cant tell how much! ) .. We texted each other the whole day, and then the next day and so on.. He have sent me consistent text messages. Everyday we text each other. And I mean the whole day! We just stop texting when were gonna sleep. Im so happy cause after a while of texting, hes sending me sweet messages. Not long time after, I found out that he liked me.

But the thing is, I had a boyfriend then. But I did nt care, I was happy and nothing and no one could make me ignore my feelings for my honey cause I could not, my heart wouldnt let me. I thought I love my ex-boyfriend but then on the best day of my life,my honey came in.So I broke up with my boyfriend. I didnt regret what Ive done but missing out on love would hurt far more. Theres these sudden feelings I felt for my honey that I cant able to explain. And I felt like Ive fallen for him. I like this guy and thas all that mattered to me. Then I told him that I broke up with my boyfriend. He was soo happy. He told me that he knew I had a boyfriend. He had second thoughts if he would continue being closer to me but he just couldnt stop. Then I told him if he never did that,itll give me soo much pain. So then he asked me if it was officially US . And without any doubts, I said yes. When he liked me, I was so happy because I love him soo much! I wanted him to be mine. Then on the last four days of his stay here in Manila,we started going out. And I mean real date. All I could think about him was him holding my hand. I know it sounds Im easy but I wanted him to. He made me smile constantly.

We were together everyday but then he had to leave. On his last day, he talked to me but I cant say anything in return. I know and Im sure that if I let out a single word from my mouth, I would start to cry and I dont want him to see me crying. I love him but Im afraid to tell him because I was like thinking why he havent told me those words and why doesnt he tell me that. He probably just cares about me a lot and really likes me but it is not love. We were not together for so long. On that few days I got to be with him, I dont know if he realizes how much I love him. There have been some boys with me before but none like him. So when I saw him leaving, hes already in the car, thats when I started to cry real hard. Im in a huge depression.I wanted so much to see him but I know its impossible.

Knowing that I cant be with him is what really sucks. But I never doubted my love for him knowing the consequences if it fails. So I waited. Then March came, he had come back for a two-month vacation for me. I was surprise to see him that day although I knew that he would come back. I cant explain how I felt. I didnt know what to do. I didnt even hug him or kiss him. But God knows how much Im happy to see him right in front of me. Ive waited for that day to come. Cause we didnt have so much time to get to know each other the last time hes in Manila. I wanted to prove to him more how much I love him. How much I care for him and how much I long for him. He looked different. Its been two months since I last saw him. Our relationship became even better than it has ever been. We spent each other everyday. He let me feel the most real feeling in this world. He was the only one who knows how to make me smile after a very bad day. Hed never let me down. He sees all my beauty in and out. We were inseparab le and showed a lot of affection towards each other.

I felt so complete, so loved, so beautiful and damn happy. He goes beyond what any other guy could even come close to doing. He could handle the way I get jealous. I wanted to tell everybody how happy I am to have such a loving man. But then... he had to leave... again On his last day, we talked. That time, I didnt care if hed seen me crying. I dont want to ever let him go but he had to. My love for him overflows. Why do things got to be so difficult? Him be here with me and me be there with him. When he left again, that was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. Ive never really cried soo much before in my entire life. One day hes gone, it seemed like forever. I might get over the pain but that wont be anytime soon. The distance between us was killing me. If only I could turn back time when it was just us. I know I should move on but just keeps remembering them everynight. Always crying and spending time staring at our pictures. Everytime I feel alone, reminds me of the tears I shed when he told me how much he loves me. He just had that look ini his eyes that tells me that hell love me no matter what. But eventhough were not together physically, Im still happy knowing that until now,he still loves me and thats all I have to know to keep me going through each day. We communicate thru text messaging, sometimes we talk over the phone. If hes here with me, I wouldnt ever leave his side. But I had to wait before I can finally see him again. Everynight, I wish he was here with me. I keep remembering happy yesterdays I spent with him and anticipating many wonderful tomorrows. But Im so much thankful that God is helping us. We have had our ups and downs, we had been through some rough times, but we still managed to face our problems. We always make up. I cant stay mad at him.

Despite of our misunderstandings, I know he;s the only person that makes me truly happy. I still love him and thats all that matters. He taught me so much. Hes my everything. Hes the only man in my life . I never knew I can love a person with all of me and unconditionally. Theres no greater feeling than to give all of yourself to the one person that you know you are meant to be with. I gave him my life,my hopes and I gave him something that no one else can take away. There isnt any other man out there worth it but him. Now, after a few months of being apart from him, Im happy ( but of course its not complete without him) ..Im happy cause I know Im so bleeed to have him and Im going to keep what I got.

God knows how much Im thankful for bringing us together. In the middle of all the pain and tears of being without him, I will always want to be with him and hes only one I can picture myself growing old with. I cant imagine myself with anybody at all. Up to this day, I know that our love is true and thats why I know it will survive even if were apart. Our hearts are with each other. Ill just have to wait till I finally see him again

Jinky from Manila, Philippines

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